How green is your warehouse? – WHAT!!!!

I was emailed by a team from one of the London Boroughs inviting me to attend A 1-day high level conference on how to green your warehouse?

I replied to the email saying that they were really asking the wrong question.

I took a phone call a few minutes later by a confused lady asking what I meant..

Actually, it’s very simple, in a similar way to the ‘greenest’ car being the one that is already built, the greenest warehouse is the one that doesn’t exist!

So rather than having a meeting about turning out lights, making sure their roof was well insulated and recycling the rainwater to flush the toilets, how about a seminar that shows companies how to not have a warehouse in the first place?

If this resonates with you then do get in touch.

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Published by Lean 4 Business

An experienced Interim OpEx Manager with a solid history of success as global consultant for some of the world’s best-known companies e.g. GlaxoSmithKline, Tata Steel, Lamborghini, Nokia. On-staff go-to resource in Operational areas. Has managed teams of >250 people. Strong background in Engineering, able to rapidly assess issues and fix them, fast decision maker. Builds and leads teams and relationships that meet and exceed goals and expectations. Highly adept at developing and implementing initiatives that enhance business efficiencies delivering game-changing performance and significant reductions in operating costs. Demonstrated skills in overseeing projects from concept to completion delivering huge financial benefits. Expert in Lean, Six-Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Operational Excellence. English native speaker, good French, conversational Italian and beginner Arabic. Member of the Advisory Board - Pharmaceuticals and Technology Practice™ Interim Partners™ Areas of expertise: Operations Management, Manufacturing management, Production Management, Supply Chain development, Production Engineering, Engineering Management, Asset Management, Process & Equipment redesign, Interim Management, Performance Improvement/Transformation, Business Start/Scale-up, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Coaching, Mentoring, Supply Chain Specialty: Getting stuff out the door on-time and at quality/cost. "Works hands-on across businesses to deliver game changing outcomes."

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